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Join us every Wednesday this Fall for dinner and fellowship as we hear from God’s Word and pray for our church family.We’re taking a look at the the... Read More

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Hey folks,After ten months, we’re going to hit the pause button for a little while on Romans. This Sunday we’ll take a look at the story of the Canaanite woman who begged Jesus to heal her daughter in Matthew 15:21–28. As we’ve been studying the ​free ​grace of God in Romans, I trust&nb...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we’ll finish Romans 6 by looking at verses 20–23. This short text serves as a summary of Paul’s point throughout the chapter. All people, whether they realize it or not, have a master—sin or God. And these masters take us somewhere—either to death or eternal life. As we close...Read More

Dear CrossPointe, During our series on Romans, we’ve heard repeatedly about the amazing grace of Christ toward believers. He has saved us not because of our abilities or inherent goodness but because of his mercy, and then he calls us to lives that glorify him. I thought it would be good, then, to look at a story from one of the Go...Read More