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Archives for February 2020

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“Sitting in God’s Seat”

We will consider just two verses this Sunday (James 4:1112), returning to the theme of the destructive power of our tongues. James exhorts us not to speak evil of one another. When we do, we not only tear down a brother or sister, butmore importantlywe play the role of final authority and thus sit in judgment over the law and ultimately God, the Law-giver. What a terrible ...

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“What a Humble Life Looks Like”

I mentioned last week that James 4 is one of the most important chapters in the Bible when it comes to understanding our sanctification and the Christian life. Our text this Sunday, James 4:712, is a clear andsimplebarrage of commands and descriptions about what humility should look like in the life of a believer.In fact, it's so clear and straightforward that we have to b...

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“Our Jealous God”

I was thoroughly blessed by Tyler's message last Sunday on Jonah. If you missed it, be sure to listen to or watch ithere.This Sunday we pick back up in James 4 with a look at verses 16. The issue at hand is the fractured relationships that result from selfishness and sinful passions. James lowers the boom and tells us the real problem is our spiritual adultery. He warns us...

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“Lessons from Jonah”

This Sunday we'll look at one of the well-known stories of the Bible, the story of Jonah. Believers and unbelievers alike have heard of Jonah and the "whale" God sent to swallow him up. But is that the whole story? If you've read the book of Jonah you know that it's not, but you might still find yourself wondering what this book is all about. Jonah is actually a complex ...

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