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Archives for September 2020

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Women’s Discipleship Applications


Now that our three-part introduction to discipleship is complete, we're opening the application process for women who want tomakedisciplesandwomen who want tobedisciples! If you missed any of our three-part video series, watch them here: Part 1: Fundamentals of Discipleship Part 2: Gospel-Motivated and Holy Spirit-Empowered Discipleship Part 3: Maturing and Multiplyin...

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“The Freedom of Being Dispensable”


Dear CrossPointe,We'll take a break from our series on 2 Peter this Sunday and consider a familiar story in 1 Kings 19:118, the story of Elijah's flight from Jezebel. If you recall, just a chapter earlier Elijah is seen boldly defeating (and slaughtering) the prophets of Baal. In a mighty display of God's sheer power, he calls down fire from heaven and incinerates an offer...

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“The Word More Fully Confirmed” (Part II)

2 Peter 1_21

Dear CrossPointe,It's been wonderful to see more and more of you these past few weeks! Thankful! We'll be back in 2 Peter 1:1621 again this Sunday. Last week our goal was to understand the point of the textthat God has given us his word more fully confirmed through men who spoke as the Holy Spirit led them. This Sunday, our aim is to understand the doctrine of Scripture an...

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“The Word More Fully Confirmed”

2 Peter 1_19

Beloved,This Sunday we begin what will likely be a few weeks in 2 Peter 1:1621. It's a very important part of the letter and a central passage in the New Testament that helps us understand and formulate our doctrine of Scripture. In this paragraph, Peter speaks of his experience as an eye-witness of Jesus' Transfiguration, while calling the prophetic word more fully confir...

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“The Heart of Ministry”

2 Peter 1_12-15

Beloved,I mention often that we all suffer from this dreaded condition of "gospel amnesia." We are prone to forget, prone to wander, prone to leave the God we love. Of course, the Lord knows this about his people, and that's a large part of why he inspired Peter to write his second letterto remind them of things they already know.Our text this week, 2 Peter 1:1215, is quit...

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