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Archives for March 2022

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Jesus the Good Shepherd

John’s Gospel Series 220327

Dear CrossPointe, Our text this week (John 10:1121) contains some of the most familiar and majestic words in all of John. Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd and announces his missionhe will voluntarily lay down his life for his sheep only to take it back up again. These are glorious words that lay at the very heart of the good news of the gospel. As you read thr...

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Jesus Is the Door

_John’s Gospel Series 220320

Dear CrossPointe, We're going to get back into John this Sunday, specifically John 10:110. This is a glorious chapter full of familiar verses. It's about Jesus the Good Shepherd and how he loves, calls, feeds, and protects his sheep. I'm so eager to work through this chapter together and think deeply about how Jesus leads and loves us. I also want to encour...

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Do Not Be Conformed

Romans 12

Dear CrossPointe, I had a wonderful week in Johannesburg, South Africa at Brackenhurst Baptist Church. They are great folks and a great church! But it's good to be home. This Sunday we'll hit the pause on our John series and take a look at Romans 12. This is one of those chapters in the Bible we need to come back to often to refocus and recalibrate. I hope it will encour...

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Divided at Heart

1 Cor. 32–3

CrossPointe, This past weekend we were blessed to have Ed and Anna Moore with us, and what an encouragement they were! If you missed any of Ed's sermons, do yourself a favor and go listen to them. They were so rich! You can find them here: This Sunday I'm looking forward to gathering together and digging into 1 Corinthians 3. As we r...

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