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Archives for October 2023

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The Conscience-Cleansing Blood of the Lamb

Hebrews Series 231029

Dear CrossPointe, We are deep into some of the richest theological waters in the New Testament, and I hope it's been good for your soul! This Sunday, we'll look at Hebrews 9:114 where the author takes us into the Holy of Holies and shows how Jesus, our better High Priest, does something the Old Covenant could not dopurify our consciences from dead works to serve the liv...

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The Covenant He Mediates Is Better

Hebrews Series 231022

Dear Church, We'll look at the second half of Hebrews 8 this Sunday in which the writer argues that Jesus is the mediator of a new and better covenant. So, what is a covenant and why is the new one better than the old one? We're going to dig into it together. Grace and peace, Brad ...

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Better Promises

Hebrews Series 231015

Dear CrossPointe, Last week Tyler preached an excellent message out of James 1. Listen hereif you missed it. This Sunday, we return to Hebrews, specificallyHebrews 8:16. As I've said numerous times, the theology of this letter is rich and deep, and we are about to enter into some of the most profound chapters in all of the Bible in Hebrews 810. The writer is about to ta...

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A Steadfast Faith

One off 1008

Dear CrossPointe, This Sunday we are taking a break from Hebrews to look at a passage of Scripture that serves as a staple for the Christian life, James 1:28. This passage is a sobering look at the topic of trials and sufferingand James' purpose is to help us understand what God is doing in our lives in these moments. Instead of being moments of happenstance, James tells ...

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