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Idealistic v. Realistic Community

Idealistic v. Realistic Community I've seen it often. A person visits a church. They like it. There is an initial honeymoon feeling. They can't believe how warm and inviting everybody is. Then, subconsciously, they place unrealistic expectations on their new community and the people that make it up. They grow used to being served and never move from consumer to contributo...

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Bonhoeffer: We need one another

As I mentioned a few days ago, I am reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer's book Life Together. If you are not aware of Bonhoeffer and his story, I recommend you familiarize yourself with him. He was a German theologian and pastor who left the safety of a teaching position at a seminary in America to return to his native Germany in order to oppose Hitler and the Third Reich. He was ...

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Counter-cultural community

Community. It's a Christian buzz word. We throw it around like we all know what we are talking about. But, we often struggle to live it out. Below is an excellent description of the characteristics of a counter-cultural Christian community. It comes from The Gospel Coalition's Vision for Ministry statement. I highly encourage you to read it. Countercultural community Bec...

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Nehemiah: A People On Mission

Nehemiah: A People On Mission from CrossPointe Church on Vimeo....

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