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Can a person be saved without hearing about or believing in Jesus?

Can a person come to a saving knowledge of God without hearing about or believing in Jesus? It's a common question, and a very important one. Mike Bullmore, a pastor in Wisconsin and member of The Gospel Coalition gives a very good response to the question. Mike's clear and correct answer is no, a person cannot be saved outside of hearing and believing in Jesus. Of cours...

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Recovering the Gospel

RECOVERING THE GOSPEL Below is a powerful statement by Ray Ortlund, Jr. that he wrote in the afterword of his book A Passion for God. Prayers and Meditations from the Book of Romans. I found it on the First Things blog in a post by Jared Wilson. Ray's words below are powerful and very important. Take a moment to read it. An Earnest Call For Evangelical Leaders To Re...

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Centrality of the Gospel

Tim Keller gives us the best description of the centrality of the Gospel I've read. This article is something we should print out, read slowly, digest, ponder, and read again often. Click here to read it. For more resources from Kellerclick here. ...

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A simple explanation of the Gospel

Here's a very helpful and simple explanation of the heart of the Gospel by Mark Dever. Dever is a pastor in Washington, D.C. and the author of several books. In particular, I recommend his book The Gospel and Personal Evangelism for help with how to share your faith....

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