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“Set Your Minds”

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Dear CrossPointe,

Reminders are an important part of life: we set reminders for tasks that need to be completed; we remind ourselves of how to do math or write a grammatically correct sentence; we remind others of something we told them just days ago; we remind our children that we love them even as we discipline them. In a word, reminders are a normal, everyday part of life. But I think we often forget that reminders are an important part of our spiritual life too. Not just reminders of big and important doctrines or how the Bible speaks to a current cultural moment—these are of great importance, no doubt! But what I mean is that we need to be reminded of how we’re to live the Christian life. I think it’s true that the basics are always the things we need to be reminded of most, and this is exactly what we’ll look at in Colossians 3:1–17 this Sunday.

I pray our time together will serve as an important and practical reminder for each of us as we seek to live for Christ.