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The Mountain of Transfiguration


I’ll be preaching on Sunday through Mark 9:2-13, the Transfiguration of Jesus. With all the pastors preaching more frequently this year, I hoped to get a shot at preaching on this text. I came. I reasoned with Brad. I conquered. Sort of.

Mark’s account of the Transfiguration is overwhelming, to put it mildly. After ascending a “high mountain,” Jesus is gloriously transformed before his disciples, confers with two of the most prominent men in Israel’s history (Moses and Elijah), and hears the voice of God the Father: “This is my beloved Son; listen to him.”

In fashion typical of the disciples, Peter asks if they’ll be needing three tents. Then again, what else can you say in that moment? Despite all the commotion, the glory of Jesus takes center stage. We’ll see what the implications are on Sunday.

Do yourself a favor and read the text beforehand! Maybe pack a lunch, too. We’ve got a lot to cover!