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“Sitting in God’s Seat”

We will consider just two verses this Sunday (James 4:11–12), returning to the theme of the destructive power of our tongues. James exhorts us not to speak evil of one another. When we do, we not only tear down a brother or sister, but more importantly we play the role of final authority and thus sit in judgment over the law and ultimately God, the Law-giver. What a terrible place to be—kicking God out of his seat with our slanderous tongues! 

Now, this does not mean James is saying we should not exercise discernment and watchfulness over one another and at times confront each other. In fact, it’s clear from 1 Corinthians 5 and Matthew 18:15–20 that we are to say hard things to one another at times, even if that means we have to put an unrepentant person out of fellowship. But, in our text, James is talking about destructive, selfish speech that is motivated by jealousy and bitterness. 

Oh, how important our words are! I hope we understand this if nothing else from our study of James so far! Pray with me that the Lord will help us grow in this area as individuals, families, and as a church. Pray that the tongues and words and conversations that fill the homes and halls of CrossPointe would be fresh water that brings life and healing. 

Also, on this first Sunday of March, we’ll gather around the Lord’s Table and receive communion together. Let’s prepare our hearts to remember the Lord and remember one another. 

See you Sunday,