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“Here I am! Send me.”

Isaiah 68–9

Dear CrossPointe,

This past Sunday we entered the throne room of God with the prophet Isaiah. There we met God in his all-consuming glory and learned that it pleases him to cleanse those who are willing to repent of their sin. For Isaiah, this moment was both terrifying and thrilling. But this begs the question, “What now?” Is it possible that Isaiah—or any of us for that matter—can have this encounter with God and not be radically changed? The answer we’re looking for comes in verses 8–13. Having just experienced God’s glorious grace, Isaiah is now compelled to give his life in service to the glory of God. These verses show us what it is to offer ourselves to the Lord, but also, what this service will sometimes look like. Isaiah 6:8–13 helps us to gain a holistic view of how people respond to the grace of God—there will be those like Isaiah, but there will also be those like Judah.

Pray that the result of our time in God’s Word will yield a deeper understanding of God’s purposes of redemption.

See you Sunday!