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Three Mission-Minded Commitments

In conjunction with CrossPointe's recent missions conference, Brad mentioned three commitments CrossPointe can make to be more "mission-minded," that is, aware of the world's need for Jesus and our role in bringing his gospel to all people. They're listed below.


God's Calling on My Life 

I commit myself to live a life worthy of God’s calling. I will participate in the body of believers, submit control of my life to Jesus, and renounce sinful behaviors.

  • I submit control of my money, lifestyle, and career to Jesus.
  •  I'm renouncing my idolatry of success. I will let Jesus define success in my life and control my future.
  • I'm renouncing my idolatry of belonging. I will let Jesus define my identity and control my sexuality.

Sharing My Faith
I commit to actively share my faith with those who are lost without Christ.

  • Get involved in a community of growing believers, intentional in their outreach to lost people.
  •  Develop practical skills and experience in evangelism.
  • Pray for lost people.
  • Learn about people's objections to following Jesus, such as injustice, history and broken relationships.

God's Global and Cross-Cultural Calling
I commit to pursue God’s call to serve in a global or cross-cultural context.

  • Start right now, where you live.
  •  Participate in a short-term cross-cultural mission project.
  • Actively pursue cross-cultural missions by investigating how to be sent and/or signing up with a sending group.
  • Pray regularly for global evangelization and my role in it and give regularly to missions.