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Philosophy of Ministry

CrossPointe is driven by three questions meant to keep the church aligned with its purpose.

  1. Gospel: Who is Jesus and what has he done? The Bible is God’s inspired and inerrant Word to mankind. The story of the Scriptures is that God is reconciling a lost world to himself through his Son Jesus. Thus, Jesus is our great God, King and Savior. He is not just our helper, the teacher of a moral ethic or a spiritual guru who helps us live more successful lives. He is the sovereign Creator-King, and thus deserves nothing short of our entire lives in worshipful response to his Kingship. Thus, our message is not one of self-help or pragmatism; it is the spectacularly good news that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Our beliefs about the Gospel and the doctrine that flows from it is our theology.
  2. Community: How has Jesus called us to live and do life together? Individuals enter into faith in Jesus, but that same faith must be lived out within the context of a local body of believers organized as a church. In an age of rugged individualism and selfishness, Jesus calls us to do much more than consume resources and attend services. Rather, as King he calls the redeemed subjects of his Kingdom to serve, contribute, bless and participate in life together. As we struggle and strain to follow the exhortations of biblical community, we collectively become an aroma of Christ to a world that longs for Jesus. How we gather, organize and “do life” together as a local church family is our ecclesiology.
  3. Mission: How is Jesus calling us to live in light of his advancing Kingdom? Jesus sends us as missionaries to our culture with the Gospel. Our missiology, then, is informed by God’s advancing Kingdom, not self-centered services or programs that ultimately obey the desire for comfort. Thus, we must continually pray and consider our effectiveness in reaching those who do not believe in Jesus. Keeping this question at the forefront of our church culture pushes us toward living for Jesus’ mission rather than ourselves.

CrossPointe, then, is committed to embracing the gospel (both individually and corporately), maturing biblically in community, and engaging the world in mission through the use of our God-given gifts, resources and time. Everything we do is with the desire to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ.