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Him We Proclaim, Capital Campaign Kick-off

September 7, 2014 Pastor: Brad Evangelista Series: Individual Messages

Topic: Special Occasion

Download a PDF of the Capital Campaign booklet (physical copies available at CrossPointe).

Dear CrossPointe,

God has been gracious to us. Over nine years have passed since our first service on April 17, 2005, in the Old Mountain Hill Schoolhouse. Looking back on CrossPointe’s first decade, I am filled with gratitude to the Lord and gratefulness for you. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Consider that just four years ago we moved into our building as tenants. In two years’ time, by God’s grace, we were able to purchase this building along with the two adjoining buildings. To purchase land and build an exact replica of this property would have cost far more than the work we did to renovate and repair this building in 2010 and then to purchase it outright in 2012. In fact, with more work to be done, the total cost does not come close to what would’ve been required to buy land and start from scratch. And after four years it has become obvious that more work does need to be done.

We knew from the beginning that should the Lord continue to grow our church numerically, we’d need to increase classroom space for children and adults. If you serve in children’s ministry or have children in those classrooms on a Sunday morning, you know that rooms frequently reach capacity. These limits are not arbitrary but have been set to ensure the safety of our children, and when they are met it becomes difficult for our children’s ministry servants to teach and care for the children in their rooms. Similarly, the addition of adult Sunday morning classes has made more functional classroom space necessary. We praise God for the blessing of more and more children and adults in our building, but it is also clear that to be good stewards of God’s blessing we ought to maximize the potential of this building God has given us.

Regardless of our church’s growth, we also knew from the beginning that the building would eventually need greater protection against water damage. The roof is old and exterior walls porous, allowing significant amounts of water to enter the building whenever it rains heavily. Replacing the roof and waterproofing the walls would not be as visibly noticeable as new classroom space, but these repairs are essential to keeping this building well-maintained for decades to come.

So, several months ago, we consulted the architect who helped design our current layout, and we now have a plan to efficiently increase our children’s ministry capacity and add adult classrooms. We have also gotten estimates for the cost of replacing the roof and waterproofing the exterior walls, as well as resurfacing our worn-out parking lot. Given the costs of all this, combined with our remaining mortgage debt, we have decided to initiate a capital campaign to raise $2.5 million over the next two years.

You’ll notice we included our remaining mortgage debt in the campaign. After purchasing our buildings in 2012, we had an initial mortgage of $1.9 million. Within two years, we reduced our loan balance to less than $1.2 million! Seeing how God has been with us to this point, we believe our debt can be eliminated entirely through this campaign.

So what are we asking you to do? Quite simply, we are asking every person at CrossPointe Church to give toward this effort. No amount is insignificant. In these nine years together you have been remarkably generous. Would you pray and ask the Lord what you might do?

Below are links to a rough architectural drawing of the new classroom configuration as well as a breakdown of the costs for each area. To help us put things in perspective, we’ve also included an idea of what a debt-free CrossPointe could accomplish.

Eagerly anticipating what the Lord will do through us,

Brad Evangelista