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Romans 8:9-11, The Spirit Who Gives Life

September 28, 2014 Pastor: Brad Evangelista Series: Romans 8

Topic: Biblical Passage: Romans 8:9–8:11

Here are some questions to consider as you read Romans 8:9–11:

  • Paul alternates between “the Spirit of God” and “the Spirit of Christ” in verse 9. What does this imply about Jesus?
  • Similarly, verse 9 speaks of the Holy Spirit indwelling believers while verse 10 speaks of Christ indwelling believers. Why can Paul use these interchangeably? What does it suggest about both the person (who they are) and work (what they do) of Christ and the Holy Spirit? (Note: it does not suggest that there is no difference between Christ and the Spirit. This is the ancient heresy of modalism.)
  • What does it mean that God (the Holy Spirit, v.9; Christ, v.10) dwells in Christians? How does this affect the way you think about your own spiritual growth?
  • Does the Spirit of God live in you? How would you know? What did or would his arrival look like in your life?
  • “[T]he Spirit is life because of righteousness” (v.10) means that the Holy Spirit gives spiritual life because of Christ’s righteousness. How is this the heart of the gospel message?
  • The spiritual life that we have now is only the beginning. Verse 11 tells us that the Holy Spirit will so animate believers at the future resurrection that our mortal bodies will be raised to life to live forever (“[he] will also give [eternal, glorified] life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you”). How does this give you hope for the future? How does it help you endure pain and sickness in this life and think of your future death?
  • What do these verses teach us about how we should view our bodies?

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