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“Refuge Under the Wings of the Lord”

Dear Tribe,

This Sunday we'll be in Ruth 2 in a sermon I'm calling "Refuge Under the Wings of the Lord." Like last week, throughout this chapter we see the continuing refrain of God's providence for his people, his grace towards those he loves even in "bitter" circumstances.

In particular, we'll look at a few aspects of God's kindness, mercy and steadfast love this week. How are we called to receive God's kindness? What does it look like to take refuge in the Lord? Likewise, how are we as God's people called to be vessels of his kindness to others?

I encourage you to read ahead, grab a Discussion Guide on your way out and examine the Scriptures together as a LifePointe Group or as a family. In the meantime, you can read the following passages to prepare your hearts for Sunday:

Grace and peace,