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Dear CrossPointeAt first glance, Romans 16:1–16 appears to be just a list of names and greetings and some final words by Paul at the end of this magnificent letter. While certainly this text doesn’t carry the theological punch of much of the rest of Romans, there are some important truths for us to consider in this passage. Wh...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,These last few chapters of Romans aren’t the most well-known parts of the letter, but they are filled with loads of practical wisdom and vitally important truth. In our text this week, Romans 15:14–33, Paul focuses specifically on his ministry purpose and partnership with the Roman church. Clearly, the end of ...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,It looks like we’ve got just a few more weeks in Romans. Although we have two chapters remaining, I suspect we will be able to cover them in four or five Sundays. I hope our journey through this magnificent letter has been an encouragement to you. It certainly has been to me.Our text this Sunday is Romans 15:1&ndash...Read More