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Our text this Sunday, James 1:9–11, is short and penetrating. It’s the first of several times throughout the letter that James will visit the topic of poverty and riches and the effect wealth can have on our hearts. He warns us not to get caught up in worldly pursuits that most certainly will perish like the temporary beauty o...Read More

The inevitable trials we meet along the way blur our vision. They make life confusing and threaten to fill us with doubt. The Lord knows this, and that’s why he inspired James to exhort us to ask him for wisdom. That’s what our text this Sunday, James 1:5–8, is all about. We lack wisdom, every single one of us. Even...Read More

I’m so eager for this Sunday as we begin our series through the letter of James. It’s a magnificent part of the New Testament—so full of practical wisdom and exhortation for the Christian life. While James has been beloved by the laity of the church through the centuries, it has caused much debate among scholars bec...Read More