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Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we’re continuing in our Jonah series with a look at 1:17–2:10. If you were to take a poll on the street as to what stories are in the Bible, it’s likely a lot of folks would mention the scene from our text for this Sunday, “Jonah and the Fish.” But because of its popularity and mi...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,I’m excited to begin our journey through the book of Jonah this Sunday! There’s no doubt that this little book is one of the most famous in all of the Bible, and that’s almost exclusively due to one extraordinary—but rather small—detail: Jonah gets swallowed by a great fish. But once we step ...Read More

Dear Church,   Praise God for a wonderful Easter Sunday! This Sunday will be a family worship Sunday with a stand-alone message from 1 Timothy 3:14–15, a beautiful and short passage about the local church as the household of God. I’m looking forward to being encouraged by this text and hopefully reminding...Read More