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Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we’ll finish John 3 as we look at verses 22–36. The central point of this passage is the supremacy of Christ above all things, and once again John the Baptist points his disciples (and us) away from himself and to Christ. As we work through this text on Sunday, and as you read it beforehand, w...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,It’s been two years since we’ve physically gathered for Resurrection Sunday as a church. That’s incredible to think about!In God’s good timing, our text this Sunday will be John 3:16, the most well-known verse in the Bible. We’ll actually look at John 3:16–21, and I’m very much lo...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,Last Sunday we considered the truth of God’s sovereign grace in salvation—that we are completely dependent on God to act first in the new birth, apart from anything in us. From a human perspective, there is an impossibility to what Jesus says to Nicodemus when he says that “you must be born again.”...Read More