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Dear Church,   We heard a very solid message from Robert last week on John 14:1–14. This Sunday we’ll cover the rest of John 14 in which Jesus promises to ask the Father to send the Helper, the Spirit of truth to his disciples. Much of John 14–16 will focus on the role and purpose of the Holy Spirit in the li...Read More

Dear CrossPointe, “Let not your hearts be troubled,” Jesus says to his disciples in John 14:1. Given everything that has transpired in recent chapters, this is a comforting word from the Lord, but when viewed from the perspective of everything that will follow in John’s Gospel, this statement is utterly life-givi...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,   We’ll cover a lot of ground this Sunday, John 13:18–38. There’s much in this second half of the chapter—the beginning of Judas’ betrayal, Jesus’ new commandment, and the Lord’s prediction of Peter’s denial.    We’ll cover it all, but my plan is to...Read More