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Dear CrossPointe,In our short series on the “offices” of Christ, we’ve seen how Jesus is our prophetand priest. Like the prophets of the Old Testament, Christ warns us of God’s judgment and reminds us of his word. And like the priests of the Old Testament, he intercedes on our behalf, atoning for our sin as only he...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,The Old Testament is filled with examples of men who imperfectly served God’s people as prophet, priest, or king (sometimes maybe in two of those roles), but Christ perfectly fulfills all three. Last week, we kicked off our series on these “offices” of Christ with a look at how Jesus is the truer an...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,For the next few Sundays leading up to Christmas, Tyler and I will be looking at the three “offices” of Christ—prophet, priest, and king. You probably recognize those titles as important roles in the Old Testament, and our sermon series will consider the ways Jesus fills each of those roles himself. ...Read More