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“The Message of the Old Testament”

Dear Tribe,

As (I hope) you’re aware, CrossPointe is committed to expositional preaching, making the sermon’s point the point of the biblical text. We usually do this by working through books of the Bible. For example, we just spent over six months going through First Corinthians, and in a couple of weeks we’ll do the same with the book of Ruth.

But before we work through Ruth, I think it’d helpful to go through the entire Bible! (Keep reading.) We’ll look at the Old Testament’s 39 books this week and the New Testament’s 27 next week. Don’t worry; these sermons will be summaries, a sort of bird’s eye view. But my hope is that we come away with a better understanding of the Old Testament’s message and how it relates to the New Testament (and vice-versa).
Aside from reading the entire Old Testament before Sunday (which would be difficult but awesome if you did), here are a few Scriptures to read to help prepare your heart for this Sunday:
  • 2 Timothy 3:14-17 (“sacred writings” meaning the Old Testament)
  • Luke 24:13-35 (Jesus uses the OT to explain himself and the Gospel to some disciples)
  • Psalm 19 (beautiful song about the Word of God). 
Grace and peace,