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John 8

Thoughts on John 8:1-59.

  • (v.9). Interesting that Johns mentions that the older ones left the scene after Jesus challenged them about their judgment of the woman caught in adultery. Life and age has a way of making you more humble than you were in your youth.
  • (v.31-32). The phrase “once saved, always saved” has been incredibly damaging in church culture. I believe that God preserves his children to the end, but we must feel the weight of this statement. If we abide in his word, then the truth will set us free and we will endure. But only if we endure.
  • (v.36). Free indeed. The power in these words is enormous.
  • (v.44). Satan is the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning. But we regard him so lightly. 1 Peter 5:8-10. Lord make us sober and watchful.
  • (v.47). These are difficult words for the prideful and self-deterministic. Jesus doesn’t say that they are not of God because they don’t hear these words. He says that they do not hear these words because they are not of God.