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MMQB - December 7, 2009

1. Reynold mentioned yesterday that we raised $15,000 for Hopegivers International. I love being part of a generous Tribe!

2. Had a very encouraging conversation yesterday about how God is getting a hold of a family. Good decisions are being made. The Holy Spirit is guiding. The husband is stepping up. The wife is finding security in it. Thank you, Jesus.

3. We had family movie night last night and watched “Enchanted.” What can I say? I loved it. Great movie for Daddy to watch with his little girl. Here’s a clip of my favorite scene. I'm being serious.

4. Recently we made copies of a message on marriage by Matt Chandler, a pastor in Texas. I received a very encouraging voicemail Friday from someone who said that it really opened her eyes and changed her life. Praise Jesus. Pick one up if you haven’t listened to it yet. On that note, it was recently discovered that Matt Chandler had a brain tumor. He had surgery to remove it Friday. Early reports are that he is doing well. Here is a video of him addressing his church before the surgery. I am so encouraged by Matt’s words and his view of suffering and the sovereignty of God. This is the type of perspective and theology we need more of in the American church. Click here to see the video.

5. Tiger Woods. As Christians we need to be careful how we respond to things like this. C.J. Mahaney, a pastor and leader I highly respect, has written some very wise words on the situation. Click here to read them.

6. Congrats Alabama. You’re good. But if you beat Texas, it won’t be your 13th national championship. Click here to read about the fuzzy math going on in Tuscaloosa.

7. It’s always so good to have young guys going through Ft. Benning with us at CrossPointe. One young lieutenant expressed to me Sunday how much folks from CrossPointe had reached out to him the last few weeks. So encouraging. Keep it up, Tribe!

8. I love the first Sunday of the month when we receive communion together as a church. We need consistently to be reminded of the Cross. We need to regularly meditate on and be humbled by Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and the all-encompassing implications for us as Christians.

9. I also love the first Sunday of the month because a team from CrossPointe helps to serve the ministry of Highland Community Church. Great things are happening there. If you want to be involved, talk to Daniel Hord, Jenny Smith, Joe Narde or Will Hawk.

10. Distractions. They abound most especially during the holiday season. If we don’t make a conscious effort to get out ahead of our schedule, the tail will wag the dog. This isn’t just about hustle and bustle. It’s straight up spiritual warfare. The devil attacks us not by jumping out from behind a bush with horns and pitch fork, but by distracting and diverting us from seeing and savoring Jesus.

11. One of the best ways to see and savor Jesus is through His Word. Here is the verse I’m memorizing this week. Colossians 1:15-20. Join me!

Grace & Peace,


Colossians 1:15-20 from CrossPointe Church on Vimeo.