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MMQB - June 8, 2010

1. What an excellent message Sunday from Don McKelvey on Luke 7:36-50. Layer after layer of biblical truth. So thankful for his wisdom. Click here to listen to it.

2. Join us the next two Saturdays (6/12 & 6/19) as we help Highland Community Church with several projects. They are doing a great work and we are privileged to come along side them. We’ll work from 8:00a-5:00p both Saturdays. Contact Daniel Hord at if you have any questions.

3. Finishing up the Colossians series this Sunday as we look at Colossians 4:7-18. I’ll miss preaching from this beautiful Christ-saturated letter.

4. Can I admonish/exhort/rebuke us just a bit? On Sundays lately it seems like many CP regulars don't notice or acknowledge a lot of newcomers. So, could you help with this? Make it a point to get outside of your regular groove and meet someone you don’t know each Sunday.

5. Regarding meeting and talking to people, I just read this excellent and helpful blogpost by a young pastor/author I highly respect, Kevin DeYoung, about how we are most exhibiting humility when we take interest in other people. Take a minute to read it by clicking here. Very practical thoughts. 

6. Parents, I came across this helpful resource for family worship called Seeds Family Worship. It has good children’s worship songs and scripture memorization tools. Click here to check it out.

7. Let’s continue to pray for our military folks. Luke Wolff should be back in June sometime. Bob Landeg will be home soon for two weeks of R&R and then will be back permanently in October. Gino Steffanetta joined his wife Amy in Iraq this week and they’ll be back hopefully in October. Dan Krueger is with the Rangers and they’re likely doing something very dangerous and secret so keep him in your prayers as well.

8. Speaking of military, summer is often when lots of new guys get stationed at Ft. Benning for training. If you see a soldier on Sundays make a point to say hello, thank him for his service and maybe take him to lunch.

9. Work at the new location is progressing very well. We’re planning another prayer gathering there on Sunday evening, June 27th so mark your calendars. If you want to see the progress you can drop by during the week. The workers are there and doors are open from 9 to 5.

10. The Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa will be with us this Sunday. Make sure you get there on time! They are singing one song at the beginning of our service and then are off to several other churches. Full concert Sunday evening at 6:00pm at Fairview Baptist.