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MMQB - March 1, 2010

1. So fired up that Daniel Hord and Evan Sussenbach got up and cranked out large chunks of Colossians 1 yesterday. Impressive. Well done!

2. It’s a few months away, but mark your calendars for the weekend of August 20-22. We are planning a Missions Weekend with special speaker Paul Tokunaga of Intervarsity. I am really excited about this event and encourage you to plan on being there. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

3. Work continues at the new location. Probably a few more days of demolition before they start making forward progress. Pictures to be posted on the website soon.

4. The book I recommended yesterday is entitled The Cross of Christ by John Stott. It is a classic and you would do well to get a copy and make it a lifelong companion. It is not light devotional literature. It is the type of book you must read slowly and come back to over time. Doing so will give you a thorough understanding of what Christ did for us on the Cross.

5. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how moving to a new location will bring with it a host of changes beyond just physical relocation. A new place, different vibe, more people. My prayer is that we as a Tribe will see this move as a way for us to better serve our community through the Gospel, not a way that we can be served better. 

6. An album I’ve been listening to a lot lately is In Christ Alone by Bethany Dillon and Matt Hammitt. Click here to download the album from Amazon, and click here to listen to one of my favorite songs, The Power of the Cross.

7. How great was it to see the Williams family receive the Extreme Home Makeover! Great family. Members of Edgewood Baptist. They love Jesus. Praying that they had an influence on cast and crew.

Grace & Peace,