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MMQB - March 16, 2010

1. If you haven’t heard, Luke Wolff is headed back to Afghanistan for another three month deployment. Luke is an orthopedic surgeon and volunteered for the reserves after 9/11. He’s already served two tours (one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan). This past Sunday was his last before he deploys. Sorry we didn’t realize that until after the service, but please keep Luke, Avery and the boys in your prayers in the coming weeks and months. Thank God for men like Luke who are willing to sacrifice so much to serve our nation and military. Below is a picture of the Wolff family.



2. On that note, Amy Steffanata, a young lieutenant and recent West Point graduate who has been coming to CrossPointe is deploying to Iraq this week. Amy is a military police officer. Amy’s husband Gino is an Armor officer and will be transferring to Ft. Benning soon and may also be going to Iraq in the near future. Pray for these selfless young leaders! Below is a picture of Amy and Gino.



3. We had a great time praying at the new location this Sunday evening! Very exciting. There will be several more times we gather to pray so stay tuned. The space is looking great. Some of the walls are being framed and it’s starting to take shape.

4. I was so humbled and encouraged about the Starting Pointe membership class this past weekend. About 40 folks came out Friday and Saturday for the two sessions. Great spirit in the room. People leaning forward in the foxhole sensing that God may be calling them to CrossPointe. God is blessing us.

5. One thing that has been strong on my heart lately as I’ve been praying about our new location is that it would be a “sending” place for people called to service in the mission field. Where do great missionaries that give their lives to serve Jesus in dangerous and remote places come from? They should come from places like CrossPointe.

6. I’ve read several reports lately about Christians around the world being attacked and persecuted for their faith. It is so easy to feel insulated from that reality here in America. I’m praying that CrossPointe develops a deep burden and awareness of the persecuted church worldwide. A good starting point to become familiar with the persecuted church is the ministry of Voice of the Martyrs. Check out their website here.

7. We are having a baptism service on Sunday, April 18th. Baptism is massively important in the life of a congregation and individual believer. Click here for an article on our website about baptism and here to listen to a teaching on baptism.

8. I will be out of town this Sunday at a conference in Washington, D.C. It is a seminar on the various aspects of building a healthy and biblical church put on by a ministry called 9Marks. Really looking forward to it. Hawk will be preaching this Sunday. Buckle your seat belts.  

9. That’s all I have for now. Busy few months ahead in the young life of our church. The staff team covets your prayers. These are exciting but critical days. We aren’t playing patti-cakes here. Souls hang in the balance. Lean forward with us. We need a tribe full of pardoned rebels who are consumed with making much of Jesus to fight for the advance of the Gospel in our city.

Grace & Peace,