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MMQB - November 30, 2009

1. It was so good to have Dr.Samuel Thomas of Hopegivers with us yesterday. They are doing a tremendous work around the world caring for orphans and planting churches. Our own John Batastini is the right hand man for this organization and is doing great things. John leaves today for several weeks in Nepal and India. Keep him and Sue and their boys in prayer.

2. Previously, we’ve been a fake tree house but the last two years we’ve gone the real route. We will never go back. Click here for pictures on Jennifer’s blog.

3. If you’re a Georgia fan you’ve go to be asking where in the world the team that showed up on Saturday night was all season?

4. Finishing Nehemiah 13 this week. Great chapter. Nehemiah goes off on a few guys, beats them up and pulls their hair out. Wow. Again, I’ll miss hanging out with Nehemiah. One of the reasons I think preaching through books is good for us is because it acquaints us with the redemptive storyline of the Bible. If all we hear are pragmatic “how-to” messages then we subconsciously see the Bible as a book about us instead of a book about God. This leads to cul-de-sac consumer Christianity that will ultimately fail us when times get tough and life breaks down.   

5. Confession time. Honestly, I really don’t care if Target says Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. A blogger/pastor I read often had some thoughts on it recently that I agree with. Click here to read. I'm sorry If you’re part of the Focus on the Family army. They're good folks, just not my thing.

6. I think that if you are an adult you shouldn’t be allowed to type LOL. It seems kind of middle schoolish to me. It’s kind of like the virtual version of nervous laughter while in an awkward conversation. LOL.

7. On that note, of all the times LOL has been typed, what percentage of time do you think the typist was actually laughing out loud? Probably less than 0.001%. LOL (actual).

8. I thank God for the desire to read. I can remember when I was younger that I hated to read. Loathed it. But somewhere along the way I matured and God gave grace and now I love to read. Men in particular, you need to work on developing the habit of reading to benefit your soul. You may not consider yourself much of a reader. Don’t settle into that lie. You are a reader. You read the sports page, college football recruiting sites, and mindless other things on the Internet. So you’re a reader, you’re not just reading as beneficially as you can. One of the best things a person can do to grow spiritually is to read consistently. Obviously, Bible reading is essential. Click here for a good site with some helpful reading plans. But there are also numerable books that are good for your soul. A good starting point is our recommended reading list. Start slow. Even if it’s just a few pages a day. Just start reading. You may say you don't have time to read. If you watch any TV at all during the day or spend any time on the Internet, you have time to read. 

9. Telecommunication technology is amazing to me. I will never understand how you can talk into a little plastic thing attached to a wire that is attached to a bigger wire that connects you to someone across the country holding a little plastic thing and that they can hear you crystal clear with no delay. Seriously, that’s stunning. And that’s just a landline! Cellular technology is a whole other level of mind boggling. It is God’s common grace to mankind to allow us to invent and enjoy such technology. I feel the same way about flying and jet propulsion.

10. Here's the memory verse from last week, Titus 3:3-7. Sorry I didn't get it to you Friday. I got lazy over the holidays. I started something a few weeks ago called "Mondays are for Memorizing" to help keep myself accountable and motivated to memorize Scripture. Join me!


11. This week: Romans 8:31-39.


Grace and peace,