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MMQB - October 26, 2009

1. I cannot do without the regular, consistent gathering together with a church family to whom I am committed and obligated. It is essential for my soul. As we sang together to Jesus yesterday I was reminded of how much my soul needs to gather with the Tribe. My heart hurts for people that for whatever reason do not prioritize commitment to a local church family. Sometimes these people want a more customized version of church that suits them better. But that mindset cuts against the very heart of why we gather—to worship Jesus and contribute to one another—not to consume. If you’re reading this and that offends you, that’s probably the Holy Spirit convicting you. I encourage you to stop looking for everything you want in a church and give your heart to an imperfect place filled with imperfect people. Beautiful things happen when you do.

2. The richness of the lyrics to the song we sang yesterday, How Deep the Fathers’ Love for Us are staggering. I love that song because it preaches the Gospel.  

3. I absolutely love seeing people be water baptized. It is such a clear expression of the Gospel. It is incredibly humbling and inspiring to witness people obey Jesus in this way.

4. I was very encouraged by the diversity our Starting Pointe new members class this weekend. A couple from Taiwan, young couples just starting out, not so young couples with grown children, and some in between. Thank you Jesus for our diversity. Give us much, much more of it. One generation shall commend God’s works to another. (Psalm 145:4)

5. I see more and more Bibles and hear pages flipping on Sundays. That makes me want to shadow box. I pray the Holy Spirit continues to press hard on us the absolute necessity and centrality of the Word in our lives and church.

6. CrossPointe sponsored a table at the Sound Choices Pregnancy Center Gala last week.  I was so impressed with the report of all they are doing. This local ministry started over 20 years ago out of Edgewood Baptist Church and is doing a tremendous work saving lives of the unborn in our area. Pray for this ministry, and consider getting involved. They going to visit us soon one Sunday to tell us more about their ministry.

7. Big thanks to all the guys who came early yesterday and helped set up for the picnic on the front lawn. Every Sunday there a good number of folks getting outside of themselves serving so that others can be blessed.

8. That makes me think about those who serve in the nurseries, toddler, preschool and children’s church classes. I hope each of you realize how absolutely critical your service is to the ministry of the church. When everybody does his or her part, it has an incredible ripple effect on the ministry of the church. When these unglamorous areas are served consistently well with gracious willingness by people in the Tribe, visitors with children are freed up to worship and hear about Jesus. It doesn’t get much more important than that. 

9. Back to Nehemiah this week. We’re going to cover all of Nehemiah 9:1-38. It contains one of the longest recorded prayers in the Bible. What a rich chapter. The word “nevertheless” is used twice in the prayer. The first in relation to the peoples disobedience to God (v.26), the second in relation to God’s great mercy in spite of their disobedience (v.31). Can’t wait to gather again with you Sunday!