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MMQB (on a Wednesday)

Monday Morning Quarterback, October 7, 2009

(Okay, I realize it is Wednesday and not Monday…but I was busy).

1. What a great weekend with Jennifer in New York City celebrating her birthday. We love our four children dearly, but it is so good to spend time alone together.

2. I’m always struck by the mass of humanity when I go to NYC. So many languages, so many cultures. How did they get here? Where are they going? Do they know Jesus? Is there anybody telling them about Jesus? Does anybody (me) really care about all these souls? We need thousands and thousands of church planters all over the world. How easy it is to be a content, lazy American cultural Christian. Are we really here to spend money almost exclusively on ourselves, fuss over silly stuff, run from Bible study to Bible study, and haggle with each other over secondary issues? To whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48).

3. Do you know about CrossPointe’s partnership with Highland Community Church? Once a month a team from the Tribe assists with this great church in the Bibb City area. Big thanks to Jenny Smith and her team for kicking it off this past Sunday. Talk to Jenny, Will Hawk, Daniel Hord or Joe Narde if you want to be a part of this effort.

4. I love Don McKelvey. What a blessing he is to our church. Very thankful that he preached this Sunday in my stead on one of my favorite passages in the Bible, 2 Samuel 9 and the story of Mephibosheth.

5. This Sunday is going to be an unusual one. We’ll cover Nehemiah 7:66-73 and have what I hope is a very informative discussion about money, buildings, and where we are headed along those lines at CrossPointe. I know some people would rather have their toenails ripped off with pliers than hear a sermon about money. I understand. The only problem with that thinking is that Jesus talked a good deal about money as a real indicator of our hearts. So, I promise…no manipulation, no thermometers on the stage, and no Old Testament verses out of context. Instead, I hope it will be a great time of rejoicing in the all-encompassing implications of the resurrection of Jesus.

Grace and peace,