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Ruth 3: “Unfailing Love”


Dear Tribe,
A desperate mother-in-law’s schemes, a young foreign widow’s risky boldness, a steamy nighttime scene and a man’s righteous restraint—all these converge in Ruth 3, a chapter that presents us with an incredible picture of God’s unfailing love toward His people.

The tagline for our sermon series through Ruth has been “A Story of God’s Providence,” which points to the timeless nature of this short biblical narrative. In just four chapters, God weaves together various subplots and characters to create a grand picture of who He is. But what makes this story even more beautiful is its reality. The Book of Ruth reads like a well-written short-story, but the “characters,” the “subplots,” the “dialogue,” etc., are all real and point to an even greater reality.

I encourage you to supplement Sunday’s sermon by:

  • Reading Ruth 3.
  • Reading Psalm 36:5-10.
  • Taking a Discussion Guide from the foyer after the service. (That link is for last Sunday’s guide. Guides are posted on the Monday following a sermon.)

Grace and peace,