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Sunday: Part II of “Manhood, Womanhood & the Glory of God”

Dear CrossPointe,

The Gospel’s redefinition of masculinity and femininity is worth two Sundays. This week we’ll be back in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 for Manhood, Womanhood & the Glory of God: The Redux. Or perhaps a better title is Pastors on Gender Roles: Gluttons for Punishment.

Part I (found here) was a view from the air, but this week we’ll parachute in and take a closer look at its implications in church and home life. Why does CrossPointe only have male elders? Why does Paul say women can pray and prophecy with a head-covering here, but elsewhere say they should remain silent in church? What do biblical masculinity and femininity look like in real life?

Go ahead and read these Scriptures as you consider these questions:


Don’t buy the lie that Sundays and sermons like this aren’t good ones to bring friends or unbelievers to. On the contrary, what a witness it is to an onlooking world that we are God’s people who take His words seriously!

Grace and peace,