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“Israel’s Polluted Priests”

This Sunday our text is Malachi 2:1–9, a severe rebuke of the priests of Israel who failed the Lord and his people. The role of the priesthood in the life of Old Testament Israel was vital. They were to be the mediators between God and the people and thus had a great responsibility to represent Israel before God and likewise to instruct and lead the people in the right worship of God. But, as we’ll see, they were failing miserably. In our text this Sunday, things have gotten so bad that God tells them if they don’t repent he is going to spread the dung from sacrificed animals on their faces and send them away. Ouch.

There is much to learn from this portion of Malachi. We’ll consider the immense importance of spiritual leadership, the consequences of good and bad leadership for the people of God, and ultimately our need for a better and perfect priest—Jesus, our Great High Priest. 

Take some time to read the text before Sunday. Pray for God’s word and Spirit to transform us from one degree of glory to another as we gather this Sunday. Pray for unbelievers that will be present to hear and respond to the gospel. Pray ultimately that God is glorified.

Looking forward to Sunday,