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“Jesus Calls Four Witnesses”

John 531–32

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we'll finish John 5 before I take some time off this summer. Specifically, we'll cover John 5:3047 in which Jesus defends his authority against the accusations of Jewish leaders by appealing to four "witnesses"John the Baptist, Jesus' miracles, God the Father, and the Scriptures.The logic Jesus uses in this passage is very important, and we'll ...

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“Understanding the Biblical Jesus”

John 519–20 (1)

Dear CrossPointe,The rest of John 5 is thick and it's all about Jesus. In fact, J.C. Ryle, a great English preacher from the 1800s, said it was "one of the deepest things in the Bible."So we'll take the next two weeks to wade through Jesus' words about himself. This week, we'll cover John 5:1629 in which Jesus speaks of hisdivinity, hisunitywith the Father, hissovereignty,...

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“Do You Want to Be Healed?”

John 55–6

Dear CrossPointe,We're back in John's Gospel (5:117) this Sunday to consider the healing of a man who'd been disabled for 38 years! The tension is mounting between Jesus and the religious authorities as he heals this man on the Sabbath. We'll get into this tension in more depth as we progress through John, but I want us to focus on Jesus' peculiar question to the man in ve...

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This Sunday: Saul’s Conversion

Acts 93–5

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we will be looking at a well-known story from God's Word, the conversion of Saul of Tarsus on the Damascus Road in Acts 9. One of the reasons this account is so cherished by the church is because it pictures so beautifully the grace of God in salvation. It's one of those moments in Scripture where we simply have to pause and praise God that he ...

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“Go, Your Son Will Live”

John 446–47

Dear CrossPointe,All of us come to God with limited perspectives and mixed motives. Our text this Sunday, John 4:4354, is a poignant story of a royal official who pleads with Jesus to heal his sick son. While we can all understand this father's desperate desire for his son to be healed, what he needed even more was to know and believe in Jesus. It's a short story, but Jesu...

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“The Woman at the Well (Part 3)”

John 428–29

Dear Church,What a wonderful message Reuben preached last Sunday from 1 John 3:1! If you missed it, I encourage you to listen to or watch ithere. It will strengthen your faith.Sunday we are back in John 4 and will finish our look at Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well by looking at verses 2742. This amazing encounter ends with a woman who once lived in sh...

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“Children of God”

1 John 31

Dear CrossPointe,I am so grateful to the Lord for what he has been teaching us as a church body as we walk through the Gospel of John. I am also very thankful for the sermon that Brad preached last week from Hebrews 10:1925. This was such a helpful and necessary reminder of our responsibilities toward each other as believers, especially in the context of the local church. ...

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“We Need One Another”

Hebrews 1024–25

CrossPointe,A few weeks ago at our member meeting, I mentioned that this Sunday, May 2, we will begin a gradual return to normal in our worship services. Be sure to watch the video below for more details on what that will look like.It's worth saying here that there is much more to this than just social distancing! As we proceed in the coming days, I want to urge us as a ch...

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“Jesus and the Samaritan Woman (Part 2)”

John 4_23–24

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we continue our look at Jesus' conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well, specifically John 4:1626. In the second half of this interaction, we'll see how tender yet clear Jesus is with this woman as he presses into her sin in order to make her aware of her true need.As you read the passage before Sunday to prepare your heart and mind, t...

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“Jesus and the Samaritan Woman”

John 4_13–15

Dear CrossPointe,Oh man, I'm looking forward to John 4! What a beautiful chapter! This Sunday we'll start our study of Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well as we look at John 4:115. There's so much in this story that we're going to need to take smaller bites! But read the whole chapter a few times beforehand.Also, what a joy we'll have to baptize two new members. Pr...

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