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“The Lord Is My Portion”

In a couple of weeks our plan is to start a new series on the letter of James, and I'm looking forward to working through this immensely practical book that touches on so much of the Christian life. This week, however, we'll turn our attention to a single message on Lamentations 3. This is one of the more well-known chapters in the Old Testament in which Jeremiah laments t...

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“Judgment Day”

This Sunday we conclude our Malachi series with one of the great promises of the Old Testament. It is a promise of the great and awesome day of the Lord when he will come to judge the wicked and heal and save those who fear his name. Clearly, Malachi is pointing God’s people to the coming Messiah who will come first as a Lamb and again as a Lion. This text gives us the o...

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“The Difference Between the Righteous and the Wicked”

What's the difference between the righteous and the wicked? A lot could be said, but our text this Sunday, Malachi 3:1318, boils it all down to one thingthe fear of the Lord. The wicked did not fear him and even went so far as to say it was vain to serve God! But others, the righteous, heard his rebuke and feared and esteemed his name. Then Malachi tells us that the Lord "...

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“Robbing God”

Let's just put it out there:Some Christians have an allergic reaction to sermons about giving. And if you've ever sat through a manipulative building-campaign plea or tuned in to a prosperity preacher, you can understand why!Well, our text this week is kind of about money and giving, but really it's about our hearts. In Malachi 3:612, God rebukes Israel for their stingines...

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“The Refiner’s Fire”

We all understand the debilitating feelings of disappointment. It drains our energy, saps us of motivation, and skews our perspective. That's the scene in Malachi 2:17, where Israel expresses their disappointment in God. They think he's failed them, and they let him know about it.The promises of anIsrael restored to its former glory have not come to pass and the people put...

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“The Importance of Marriage”

Getting straight to the point, our text this Sunday is an important one. Malachi 2:1016 is an indictment against Israel for profaning the covenant of marriage. The problem was twofoldsome of God'speople were marrying pagans who worshiped false gods and others were faithless to their spouses and divorcing them. And then, they had the audacity to weep and whine to God for no...

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“The Necessity of Samaria”

This Sunday we'll be looking at a well-known story from John 4, Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well. Often this passage of Scripture has been used as a model of how to "do" evangelism. To be clear, there are certainly things we can learn from how Jesus interacts with this woman, even things we can implement in our own evangelistic efforts. The main point ...

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“Worthy Worship”

Our text this week, Malachi 1:614, is a stinging indictment of the priests and people of Israel for their careless worship. They're offering him "polluted worship"in the form of lame animals and diseased fruit. It's so bad that God says he wishes someone would just shut the doors and pull the plug on the whole deal. In other words, God tells them their services are so bad ...

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New series on Malachi begins Sunday!

I'm excited about this Sunday as we begin a short series through the Old Testament book of Malachi. Now Malachi is one of those more obscure Old Testament prophets that might be more unfamiliar to you. It's one of 12 minor prophets (called 'minor' not because the message is less important, but due to its shorter length) that is probably most well-known for being the last b...

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“There arose another generation...”

I've always wanted to preach from Judges, and this Sunday I'll get the chance! (If you haven't studied this OT book before, you're missing out.) The book has two introductions essentiallyone that gives the reader a sense of Israel's geopolitical status and another that looks at Israel's spiritual state. We'll be looking at the latter this week in a standalone sermon on Jud...

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