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This Sunday: “Since You Are in the Body”


Dear Church,This Sunday, our text is Hebrews 13:23, which includes further thoughts about brotherly love for the church. Specifically, the exhortation is to show hospitality to strangers and to remember prisoners and those who've been mistreated.On the surface, this may seem obvious and simple enough, but the reasons why our author would include these examples and how they...

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This Sunday: “Brotherly Love”


Dear Church,Tyler's series through Jonah thoroughly blessed and challenged me. Praise God. Each Sunday, I was simultaneously convicted, encouraged, and enlightened. I encourage you to go back and catch any that you might have missed or listen to it againhere.We pick back up in Hebrews this Sunday as we start the final chapter. Specifically, our text is Hebrews 13:1-3 and t...

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This Sunday: “At Odds with God”


Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday our journey through Jonah will come to an end as we consider this wonderful little book's final chapterand boy, it is something! No doubt there's much to unpack in these eleven verses, but as we will see they bring greater clarity concerning what's going on in Jonah's heart, and just maybe what goes on in our own hearts from time to time.I'm lo...

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This Sunday: “From the Belly of the Fish”

Jonah 21–2

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we're continuing in our Jonah series with a look at 1:172:10. If you were to take a poll on the street as to what stories are in the Bible, it's likely a lot of folks would mention the scene from our text for this Sunday, "Jonah and the Fish." But because of its popularity and miraculous nature it's been subjected to its fair share of misinterp...

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Jonah Series Beginning Sunday!

Jonah 11–3

Dear CrossPointe,I'm excited to begin our journey through the book of Jonah this Sunday! There's no doubt that this little book is one of the most famous in all of the Bible, and that's almost exclusively due to one extraordinarybut rather smalldetail: Jonah gets swallowed by a great fish. But once we step back to see the book as a whole, what's it actually about? To ask a...

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The Household of God

One Off 1 Tim  Instagram Post

Dear Church, Praise God for a wonderfulEaster Sunday! This Sunday will be a family worship Sunday witha stand-alone message from 1 Timothy 3:1415, a beautiful and short passage about the localchurch as the household of God. I'm looking forward to being encouraged by this text and hopefully reminding us what a privilegeit is to be a church family together. Then, the foll...

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The Supreme Significance of the Resurrection

Easter 2024

Dear CrossPointe, There is not a shred of tentativeness in Paul's argument in 1 Corinthians 15. Either Christ was raised from the dead, or we are still in our sins and more to be pitied than anyone. But he was raised from the dead, and subsequently the whole of our faith rests on this one central truth. So, this Sunday, we will consider the supreme significance of the R...

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“The Lord Is Your Keeper”

One Off Psalm 121

CrossPointe, What a joy it is to open God's Word with you this Sunday. Our text is Psalm 121, one of the "psalms of ascent" believed to be sung as pilgrims made their way to Jerusalem for various festivals and worship. As I've studied it this week, I am struck by how relevant it is to us today and especially as we approach Resurrection Sunday. The psalmist asks, "From w...

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Two Mountains

Hebrews Series 240317

Dear CrossPointe,I'm really looking forward to our text this Sunday, Hebrews 12:1829. It's a summation of the author's argument up to this point: don't go back to the Old Covenant but hold fast to Jesus because. To do that he draws a contrast of two mountainsSinai representing the Old, and Zion representing the New. This analogy is rich with relevancefor us today!See you S...

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Strive for Peace and Holiness

Hebrews Series 240410(10)

Dear Church, What a gift it was to have Mwindula Mbewe with us last week! Praise God for his ministry among us. This week we are back in Hebrews 12:1417. It's a shorter text for us, yet it's an important one because of what is says about the Christian life and living together as a local church. In short, pursuing holiness is essential for a believer, and it is a communa...

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