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When Life Is Confusing

John’s Gospel Series 221120

Dear Church, One of the many reasons we can trust Scripture is because of its honesty. There's no filter for the pictures it takes of life. It's often raw, gritty, and blurry. Such is the case with Psalm 73, our text this Sunday. This is the song of a person who has lost their perspective only to regain it. The wicked prosper, God is seemingly unconcerned, and life i...

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John’s Gospel Series 221113

Dear CrossPointe, I have mixed emotions about this Sunday. I'm sad because this is our last Sunday in John, and I'll miss studying this beautiful gospel weekly; but I'm so excited about this text, primarily about the restoration of Peter. It's a deep well of gospel encouragement! So, roll up your sleeves and read this last half of John 21 a time or two before Sunda...

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Life Lessons for Disciples and Disciple-Making

John’s Gospel Series 221106

Dear CrossPointe Church, What a joy and a privilege it has been to follow along in the book of John, as Pastor Brad and the other pastors have led us in this wonderful book. It's hard to believe that we have been in this book for almost 2 years now. The Lord has taught us so much! The book of John has been a spiritual feast for us! This week we find ourselves in the ...

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Good News for Doubters

Copy of John’s Gospel Series 221016

Dear CrossPointe, Our text this Sunday, John 20:2431, is the well-known scene of Jesus' encounter with a skeptical Thomas. It's amazing to me how honest the Scriptures are about the weaknesses of the disciples. These men were not spiritual superheroes but ordinary men who were changed by Jesus. And the fact that the Bible is so honest about their frailties and failures ...

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The Ascended, Spirit-giving King

John’s Gospel Series 221016

Dear Church, What an absolute joy it was to have the Kajjubi family with us this past week. Pastor Raphael preached a wonderful message that I encourage you to listen to hereif you missed it. What a gift God has given us in this partnership with these dear friends! This week we turn our attention back to John 20:1123. We will consider the implications of the Ascensio...

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Philippians with Pastor Raphael

Guest Sunday Text Preview

Dear CrossPointe, It is an understatementto say the Lord has blessed CrossPointe with so many gospel partnerships over the years. At the top of that list is our partnership with King Jesus Church and the Kajubbifamily in Busega, Uganda. In fact, "partnership" isn't an adequate word to describethe relationship between our churches. They've become like family to us. Th...

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The Resurrection of Jesus

John’s Gospel Series 221009

Dear Church, The Apostle Paul said to the Corinthians that if Christ was not raised, then our preaching is in vain, our faith is futile, we are still in our sins, and we are the most pitiful of all people. In other words, if there is no resurrection, there is no gospel, no salvation, and no hope. So, if Paul puts all his eggs into the one basket of the resurrection, ...

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The Burial of Jesus

Copy of John’s Gospel Series 220925

CrossPointe, Our text this week, John 19:3142, is about the burial of Jesus, which we want to be careful not to overlook. Our passage is full of Old Testament connections and shadows that become a reality in Christ. I'm excited to dig into this last part of John 19 with you before we get to the resurrection of Jesus next week. Finally, on this first Sunday of October, ...

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The Crucified King

John’s Gospel Series 220925

Dear CrossPointe, Our text this Sunday, John 19:16b30, contains some of the most important words in all of Scripture "It is finished." King Jesus proclaims that his mission is accomplished before he breathes his last breath on the cross. Our plan is to consider what this means and why these words are so central to understanding the Bible. I'm looking forward to gathe...

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Behold the Man

John’s Gospel Series 220918

Dear Church, I'm looking forward to being with you on Sunday after two weeks away. We begin John 19 and the griping account of Jesus being delivered up to be crucified. The scene is a poignant picture of human arrogance and confusion. Read John 19:116 before Sunday. Please pray with me that the Lord would meet us in the Word this Sunday. Grace and peace, Brad...

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