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The Exalted Son

Hebrews Series 231001

Dear CrossPointe, Some of the richest Christology in the Bible is found in Hebrews. It may not be a stretch to say that we learn more about his person and work in this letter than anywhere else in the Scriptures. Our Sunday text, Hebrews 7:2628, is certainly one of the high points. It's the culmination of the author's argument for the superiority of Jesus' priesthood ov...

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He Is Able to Save to the Uttermost

Hebrews Series 230924

Dear CrossPointe, We're deep into our author's argument for the superiority of Jesus' priesthood over theLevitical priesthood as we consider Hebrews 7:1125. It's not complicatedlogic, but you must read it slowly and thoughtfully to get his point. So, we're going to work through it on Sunday and then drop our bucketsinto the glorious gospel well of v.25, "Consequently, h...

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Who Is Melchizedek, and Why Is He Such a Big Deal?

Hebrews Series 230917

Dear CrossPointe, Melchizedek shows up out of nowhere in Genesis 14, Hebrews 7, and Psalm 110and speaking of Psalm 110, it happens to be the most frequently referenced Old Testament passage by the New Testament writers. So, something important must be going on with Melchizedek. Who is he? Why does the author of Hebrews bring him up here? And how does understanding all o...

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A Sure and Steadfast Anchor of the Soul

Hebrews Series 230910

Dear CrossPointe, We're back in Hebrews this Sunday, finishing up the last section of chapter six. Remember, the first part of the chapter was one of the famous warning passages of Hebrews. The point I made as we looked at those verses was that these warnings are intended by God to keep His elect people secure. In other words, the warnings are for Christians, a means of...

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Jesus, Our Mediator and Priest

One off 831

Dear CrossPointe, I'm looking forward to this Sunday! The children will be with us in the sanctuary for a Family Worship Sunday, and rather than digging into the remainder of Hebrews 6, my plan is to do an individual message on 1 Timothy 2:56. This glorious text in many ways is very connected to the theme of Jesus' priesthood that we are about to dive into in Hebrews 7....

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Don’t Fall Away

Hebrews Series 2308204321

Dear CrossPointe, Last week we did a kind of summary of the various views of the warning passages in Hebrews and as I said, this Sunday we're going to dig into this warning in Hebrews 6. I mentioned that I take these warnings as real warnings for Christians that need to be heeded because they are a means of providing and preserving grace. I could be wrong, but I think t...

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The Purpose of Warnings

Hebrews Series 230820

Dear CrossPointe, What a joy it was to have our dear friend Gareth Franks with us last week. He preached an important message abouthow we should live in these dark days. I encourage you to go back and listen if you missed it. This week we dive back into the deep end of the pool: Hebrews. We left off a few verses into Hebrews 6 just before summer, and that's where we ...

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Lights In the World


Dear CrossPointe, What a joy to have our dear friends, Gareth and Keri Franks, with us this weekend. They are no strangers to CrossPointe! We began our ministry partnership with them when they were missionaries in India. Since then, they have moved to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, where Gareth is the pastor ofNew Life Church. Gareth will preach this Sunday for ...

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Jesus Heals

following Jesus 730

Dear CrossPointe, What a joy it's been to spend the summer looking at various encounters with Jesus. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say these sermons have been so edifying. This week we continue our series with a look at Mark 2:112, the famous scene where four friends bring their paralytic friend to Jesus to be healed. It's really an exciting and dramatic read, but...

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What Defiles a Person?

following Jesus 723

Dear CrossPointe, As we continue our look at various encounters with Jesus found in the Gospels, we'll be in Matthew 15 this week. In this narrative, Jesus is confronted by some cranky Pharisees bent out of shape over his disciples' (lack of) hygiene: "They do not wash their hands when they eat" (15:2). This is clearly intended to discredit Jesus' ministry. How could so...

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