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A note from John Bockstanz in Iraq

John Bockstanz


Below is the note we received from John Bockstanz that I read yesterday in church. Praise Jesus for our military and for the great privilege God has given us to serve them as they come through Ft. Benning. John's note serves as a great reminder for us to pray for all our troops, and to encourage and serve the ones that are with us currently at CrossPointe.

Dear CrossPointe Tribe,

I'm very excited to keep up to date with CrossPointe and your new church building what I am here in Iraq--all thanks to your website and emails. The updates are an encouraging reminder of so many friends, loved ones and memories back in the Columbus area. CrossPointe is still one of the warmest church families I have known, and I think back on it frequently.

Life in Hawaii was a blast for about a year before I deployed, and life in Iraq has been challenging, but rewarding. I am an XO for a Stryker Company, and we are securing the Bayji Oil refinery in Northern Iraq. 

Please pray for the Bible study we lead for our company. Tonight, I just gave away one of my Bibles to an E-5 who had never owned one or even knew how to find a verse before he joined us tonight! I am very blessed by some solid brothers here--I pray we can influence the company!

Thanks for all your love and support. I look forward to returning to CrossPointe some day. I miss you and love you guys!

Glory to God,

John Bockstanz