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Seven Prayers for CrossPointe for 2015

A summary of Brad's message from Colossians 1:1-14 on December 28, 2014 entitled, "Seven Prayers for CrossPointe for 2015."...

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Robert "The Intern" Ward & other important stuff

Tribe, A few quick things: ROBERT "THE INTERN" WARD I recently mentioned that Robert Ward is interning at CrossPointe again this summer. Like last summer's internship, he will be writing articles, developing the website and performing general administrative duties, but I've given him some additional responsibilities for this summer.As my assistant, Robert will help me...

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Give yourself to the church

"After a true Christian has given himself or herself to the Lord, the very next act should be to give themselves to the Christian Church; they should at once assay, as Paul did, to be united to the brethren of Christ. Somewhere in the district where he lives, if there be a Christian church, the new-born believer should at once seek fellowship with others who love his Lord,...

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A note from John Bockstanz in Iraq

Tribe, Below is the note we received from John Bockstanz that I read yesterday in church. Praise Jesus for our military and for the great privilege God has given us to serve them as they come through Ft. Benning. John's note serves as a great reminder for us to pray for all our troops, and to encourage and serve the ones that are with us currently at CrossPointe. Dear ...

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An Update on David & Amanda Scott

As you know we have been praying for David and Amanda Scott. Recently they found out that their baby girl still in the womb has spina bifida. Amanda is at 22 weeks. Today at a check up they learned that their baby is not gaining weight and basically needs to double her weight in the next two weeks or the percentages are heavily against her surviving. She weighs just over...

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1. Our first Sunday in our new building was an incredible day. The Lord has been immeasurably good to us. We are a blessed people. 2. How about the incredible wood crosses on the wall and the new pulpit? Absolutely beautiful! Many, many thanks to Daniel Hord and his assistant David Lee Rice for their craftsmanship in constructing them. Also, you might be interested to...

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This Sunday: Nailed to a Cross

CrossPointe, Really looking forward to this Sunday. Two quick things: THIS SUNDAY // COLOSSIANS 2:11-15 - "NAILED TO THE CROSS" Confession time. I'm always kind of grumpy around Christmas and Easter. I think it's because of the way our culture (even our church culture) approaches these two "holidays." It seems like we so easily minimize the God-exalting, Jesus-centere...

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Death by Pragmatism

Came across a great quote by Os Guinness today about how often pragmatism rules the day in church culture. He says: The concern "Will it work?" has long overshadowed "Is it true?" Theology has given way to technique. Knowing-whom has faded before know-how. Serving God has subtly been deformed into servicing the self. At its worst, the result is a shift from faith to the "...

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The Gospel brings humility

The Gospel levels human pride and boasting. Thus, one of the first and necessary fruits of the Gospel is humility. The humility that comes from understanding that we have been saved by grace alone should utterly transform the way we deal with one another. Humility - a fruit of the Gospel from CrossPointe Church on Vimeo....

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Big News this Sunday, January 31st

1.31.10 - News about future location of CrossPointe from CrossPointe Church on Vimeo....

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Daniel Fast Guide

Below is our Daniel Fast Guide booklet with an explanation of why we are fasting, how we are doing it, plus a daily prayer guide and diet suggestions. Take a moment to click on the links below and read through this guide as you prepare for the Daniel Fast January 11-20. Click herefor the Daniel Fast Guide in PDF format. Click herefor the Daniel Fast Guide in Word format....

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J.I. Packer on "evangelistic" preaching and services

Here is an excellent quote from J.I. Packer in his book Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God. I mention Packer often, and since I always like to put a face with a name, I thought I'd include a picture of him below. He's in his nineties and one of the most respected theologians in the world. He has been a great gift to the church world wide. On evangelistic services and m...

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Idealistic v. Realistic Community

Idealistic v. Realistic Community I've seen it often. A person visits a church. They like it. There is an initial honeymoon feeling. They can't believe how warm and inviting everybody is. Then, subconsciously, they place unrealistic expectations on their new community and the people that make it up. They grow used to being served and never move from consumer to contributo...

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Bonhoeffer: We need one another

As I mentioned a few days ago, I am reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer's book Life Together. If you are not aware of Bonhoeffer and his story, I recommend you familiarize yourself with him. He was a German theologian and pastor who left the safety of a teaching position at a seminary in America to return to his native Germany in order to oppose Hitler and the Third Reich. He was ...

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Counter-cultural community

Community. It's a Christian buzz word. We throw it around like we all know what we are talking about. But, we often struggle to live it out. Below is an excellent description of the characteristics of a counter-cultural Christian community. It comes from The Gospel Coalition's Vision for Ministry statement. I highly encourage you to read it. Countercultural community Bec...

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