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Death Dethroned

Hebrews Series (1)

Dear CrossPointe,

I’m looking forward to our passage this Sunday, Hebrews 2:5–9. Its logic is simply glorious. If I had to summarize it in one phrase, it would be: “Death has been dethroned by death.” I think that’s the heart of what the preacher is getting at in these verses. Mankind was made to steward God’s creation for him, but we lost that right in the Fall and deserve death. The only way man gets back to that position is if the Son of Man defeats death for him—and that’s precisely what Jesus has done for his people. He’s dethroned death by his own death and thereby restored the redeemed to reign with him in glory and honor. 

So many implications and truths flow out of this for us! Let’s dig in!

See you Sunday,