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Empty Riches and Eternal Life

Dear CrossPointe,

I’m writing this from Louisville, Ky., where I've been at a retreat for a small group of pastors connected with the ministry of 9Marks. It's been a very refreshing and encouraging time to be around these brothers. Thank you for making it possible for me to participate in this gathering!

I’m looking forward to being with you all on Sunday as we look at Mark 10:17-31, in which Jesus encounters a rich young man and bids him to sell all that he has to come follow him. Sadly, the young man cannot part with his possessions and walks away.

As Christians living in such a prosperous country the implications for us are numerous. Take some time to read the text slowly a few times before Sunday and pray for God to further wean us from this world and woo us to Himself.

Also, if you missed Wayne’s excellent message last Sunday on “Jesus and Children” from Mark 10:13-16, you can listen to it here.

Grace and peace!