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This Sunday: “Who Is Jesus?”

Dear CrossPointe,There is one question that has confounded men for thousands of years. Councils have been held, arguments have been had, books have been written, and documentaries have been filmed; and these are but a few of the hundreds of ways the question has been addressed. The question: "Who is Jesus?" Since the very first days of the early church the person and work ...

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Fountain City Church + David Baum

Dear CrossPointe, This Sunday we'll take a break from Romans 8 to hear from David Baum about the upcoming church plant. David has been part of our team for the past year or so and has been preparing and gathering a core group from CrossPointe to launch another Christ-centered, Bible-believing, gospel-cherishing, mission-oriented church in our city. David has preached sev...

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Easter Sunday PLUS Upcoming Events

Dear CrossPointe, I'm really looking forward to this Sunday! Our text will be Romans 3:2126, one of the most important passages in the Bible. One theologian calls it, "the greatest paragraph ever written," because in this short passage Paul unpacks the heart of the gospel and how God is both just and the justifier of those who have faith in Jesus. I encourage you to read ...

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The Folly of the City of Man + Announcements

Dear CrossPointe, Hope you're having a great spring break! If you missed last week, I encourage you to listen to Wayne's excellent message on God's covenant with Noah from Genesis 9:1-17 (click here). This Sunday we'll tackle a longer than usual text as we look at Genesis 9:1811:26, a passage which shows how God repopulates the earth after the flood through Noah and his ...

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The Flood: Judgement and Grace

SundayDear CrossPointe, This Sunday we'll tackle one of the most popularized scenes in the Biblethe flood account in Genesis 6:98:22. It's a longer passage than we usually cover in one sermon, so I really encourage you to read it before we gather on Sunday. The challenge in studying such a familiar passage is that we are prone to sanitize the scene by reducing it to a mor...

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The Fall of Mankind

Dear CrossPointe, This Sunday we'll look at Genesis 3, maybe the most depressing chapter in the Bible. And yet, even in the midst of the despair that Adam and Eve's rebellion has caused, we see the first glimmer of gospel hope and the beginning of redemption. As I said when we started Genesis, understanding these early chapters is foundational for understanding the Bible...

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God Creates Man in His Image

Dear CrossPointe, While last week was a wide-angle look at God's creation of the universe, this week we'll zoom in on God's special creation of mankind. To do this, we'll start by reaching back into chapter one and looking at Genesis 1:262:25. Once again, the truths in these first few chapters of Genesis are essential for rightly understanding the whole Bible. This week ...

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The Beginning

Dear CrossPointe, I hope you were encouraged and challenged by David Baum's message last week on the church. I certainly was. If you missed it, you can listen to it here. Please pray for David and the leadership of CrossPointe as we plan and prepare for the church plant. If you are interested in hearing more from David about this church plant, there will be an information...

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David Baum Preaching This Sunday

Dear CrossPointe, What a fantastic missions conference last weekend! (If you missed any of Dr. Murray's messages you can find them here.) This Sunday we will continue our missions theme as David Baum preaches from Matthew 16 about church-planting. Most of you know that David is planning a church-plant in the Columbus-area, and we at CrossPointe are excited to partner with...

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Mission, Proclaiming the Surpassing Worth of Christ

Dear CrossPointe, The Gospel is the good news that God has redeemed a people for himself through Jesus' life, death and resurrection. He then places his redeemed people into a family, a new community called the church. And then he sends this redeemed community into the world to be a witness of his saving grace. So, to be a Christian is not merely to receive but to also be...

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