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This Sunday: “Who Is Jesus?”

Dear CrossPointe,

There is one question that has confounded men for thousands of years. Councils have been held, arguments have been had, books have been written, and documentaries have been filmed; and these are but a few of the hundreds of ways the question has been addressed. The question: “Who is Jesus?” Since the very first days of the early church the person and work of Jesus has confounded people. They have tried to figure out who he really is and what he actually came to do, and the answers provided are vast. But there is one, and only one, right answer. This Sunday we are going to look at a short passage of Scripture from the Gospel of John where Jesus stands up and tells all those who will hear exactly who he is and what he’s come to do (7:37–39). In a short breathe Jesus reveals everything we need to know!

I want to encourage you to read through John 7 a few times before Sunday to get a grasp of the context surrounding Jesus’ words. As you read, I hope that you will meditate and see afresh the beauty of God’s abundant, undeserving grace revealed in Christ Jesus! My intention is that we might come to the Scripture together and simply behold Christ—no frills, simply glory in Jesus.

In Christ,