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How does God’s good providence inform our lives?

211024 Sunday Text Preview

Dear CrossPointe,

One of the doctrines we hold dearly is the truth of God's good providence in all things. Though the world is fallen, and often seemingly chaotic, God superintends all of human history and directs it according to his purposes. He does this in such a way that he is never the author of sin and does not "violate the will of the creature," as the historic confessions of faith say. It's a truth that is precious and good, albeit sometimes hard.

I believe we see a glimpse of that truth in our text this week: John 7:25-52. This remaining portion of the chapter is a continuation of the mounting opposition and confusion about Jesus. What is striking about this narrative is the hidden hand of God in the middle of the tension. The authorities sought to arrest Jesus several times, but they could not because his hour had not yet come. In other words, everything was happening according to God's wise plan and purpose. So it was with the Son of God, and so it is with all who are in him.

My plan is to work through the rest of the chapter observing God's providence in the life of Jesus and then spend time applying its implications to our lives. I hope it will help sturdy us in these anxious days we live.

I'm thankful for you, CrossPointe! See you Sunday!