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Jesus the Good Shepherd

John’s Gospel Series 220327


Dear CrossPointe,


Our text this week (John 10:11–21) contains some of the most familiar and majestic words in all of John. Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd and announces his mission—he will voluntarily lay down his life for his sheep only to take it back up again. These are glorious words that lay at the very heart of the good news of the gospel. 


As you read through the text before Sunday, notice how different Jesus is from the hired hands that flee from the wolves. Notice the love between the Father and the Son and the love the Good Shepherd has for his sheep. Notice the promise of other sheep that he will make part of his flock. What a Good Shepherd! 


Also, this Sunday evening at 5:00 I plan to do another special teaching—this time on baptism. I’ll give an overview of the theology of baptism and then zero in on helping parents think through the appropriate age for the baptism of a child who has professed faith in Christ. I trust it will be helpful. 


See you Sunday,