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Loving or Hating Life

John’s Gospel Series 220515

Dear Church,


This Sunday we dig into John 12:12–26. This passage includes Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, which fulfills an Old Testament prophecy from Zechariah 9:9–11 about the coming of Israel’s humble king. John then records some of the most intriguing and important words of Jesus in the gospels. Our Lord says there is a way to love your life that leads to losing it, and there is a way of hating your life that leads to keeping it. What does Jesus mean by this? I believe understanding this is at the very heart of the Christian life. My goal is to explain this passage faithfully on Sunday so that we might apply it to our lives and walk in its truth. Please pray that I would!


Also, please pray for me as I will be leaving for a week of ministry in India immediately following the service this Sunday. I’ll be teaching through Ephesians to some of our partner churches in India at a combined church camp. Please also pray for Reuben as he travels to Uganda this week to teach a class to some local pastors that he told us about a few weeks ago. The topic of his teaching is apologetics in an African context. Pray for safe travels and fruit! 


Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!