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Prepare the Way of the Lord

Dear CrossPointe,

About four years ago I started a series through Mark and made it through a few chapters before we paused to teach on a few pressing issues. Well, one thing lead to another and we never got back to Mark. So, for sometime I’ve had it in the back of my mind to do so. But instead of picking back up where we left off, I think it would be best if we hit reset. Frankly, we’ve grown a lot as a church and I think I’ve grown as a preacher and I think we’d all benefit more if we started fresh.

So this Sunday we begin our study of this beautiful account of the life of Jesus. Mark is the shortest of the Gospels, and probably the first to be written. As you’ll notice, this gospel is fast-paced and full of poignant scenes that cut to heart of who Jesus is and what He came to do.

We’ll begin by looking at Mark 1:1-8 and take some time to look at how the Old Testament and the ministry of John the Baptist prepare the way of the Lord and point to Christ.

Grace and peace!