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Suffering for Righteousness' Sake


Dear CrossPointe,

I’m really looking forward to the text this week, 1 Peter 3:8-22. The main thrust of it is Peter’s instruction on how Christians should view suffering that comes along with being a witness for Christ in a hostile culture. Peter is being a good pastor here and showing his readers that when they suffer for Jesus they are in a unique position to display the surpassing worth of Christ. He then concludes his thoughts with some tricky verses (vv18-22) that will take some thought for us to unpack.

I’m looking forward to it! Now, don’t come cold Sunday—read the passage beforehand. Think about it. Ask questions. Ask God to give us understanding. Pray for unbelievers to come and respond to Christ. And let’s lean forward into the beauty of the Trinity as we worship our great God and King together!

See you Sunday!