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The Cup of Christ

Dear CrossPointe,

We live in a fast-paced and information over-loaded world in which skimming has become an art-form—think of all the TV channels, let alone the Internet! Regrettably, our tendency to skim doesn’t stop there but even affects our reading of the Bible and willingness to delve into the deep truths of the gospel.

Our text this week, Mark 14:32-52, gives us an opportunity to decelerate and think deeply about the agony Jesus faced in the cross. Why is this so important? Seeing the love of Christ should have a beautiful domino effect in our lives! The more we understand of his love for us, the more we are inclined to worship and submit our lives to him. This, in turn, has a direct correlation with our life’s satisfaction and joy as well. Take it a step further and imagine how this appears to an on-looking world whose attention is constantly directed from thing to thing when we actually slow down and savor Christ.

I can hardly wait for this Sunday!

Grace and peace,