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The King's Authority


Dear CrossPointe,

After the announcement of Jesus’ Kingdom in Mark 1:14-15, Mark now sets out to establish the King’s authority in Mark 1:21-34. As a teacher, Jesus boldly asserts truth in the synagogue. As the cosmic ruler of all things, he commands evil spirits and rescues human beings from their control.

The concept of authority can be difficult for Americans to embrace. In one sense we appreciate good leadership in its many forms, but our natures also dictate a contrary suspicion of authority. (Often for good reason—the world in its fallenness is filled with abused authority.)

As you read this text, here are a few questions to consider:

  • How do I view authority?
  • Does this affect my view of God’s authority in my life?
  • Why does Jesus seem to limit his authority’s spread by commanding silence from demons?
  • Through what means does Jesus’ authority actually play itself out in my life?

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

Grace and peace,