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The Purpose of Warnings

Hebrews Series 230820

Dear CrossPointe,


What a joy it was to have our dear friend Gareth Franks with us last week. He preached an important message about how we should live in these dark days. I encourage you to go back and listen if you missed it. 


This week we dive back into the deep end of the pool: Hebrews. We left off a few verses into Hebrews 6 just before summer, and that’s where we will pick up this Sunday. This chapter, specifically Hebrews 6:4–8, is one of the most discussed and argued about portions in all of the New Testament. It’s one of five warning passages in Hebrews— possibly the most severe and descriptive. It’s going to take us a couple of weeks to get through these verses. This Sunday, my plan is to zoom out a bit and help us understand the purpose of the warning passages in Hebrews in general, and then we’ll drill down on the text. 


I say this a lot, but it will really help you not to show up cold to this text on Sunday. Read not only Hebrews 6 but the other warning passages in Hebrews (2:1–4; 3:12–4:13; 10:19–39; 12:25–29). Pray with me that the Lord will use these warnings for his good purposes in us.


Finally, we will receive communion this Sunday since we have not yet done so in August. Let’s prepare our hearts for the Table. 


Looking forward to Sunday,