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“The Refiner’s Fire”

We all understand the debilitating feelings of disappointment. It drains our energy, saps us of motivation, and skews our perspective. That’s the scene in Malachi 2:17, where Israel expresses their disappointment in God. They think he’s failed them, and they let him know about it.

The promises of an Israel restored to its former glory have not come to pass and the people put God on trial, accusing him of calling evil things good and questioning whether he is truly just. Quite an indictment! But God won’t have it. His response in Malachi 3:1–5 is decisive and clear. He’s coming again, and he will purify and refine his people and judge the wicked. Make no mistake about it—God knows good from evil and will bring justice.

We, too, are tempted to be like Israel. We wonder where God is in this broken world around us. At times it can seem like the wicked are not only prospering around us, but our remaining sin still wages war within us and can quickly produce a sense of futility. Where is God? Will he come through? Will we make it? God’s answer in Malachi 3:1–5 is intended to snap his people out of their disappointment and put steel in their spines and a healthy fear of the Lord in their hearts so they might be pleasing to him.

Read and pray through our text, Malachi 2:17–3:5 before Sunday. Ask God to transform us from one degree of glory to another as we gather under his Word. Pray for salvations. Pray for steps forward in sanctification. Pray for God to be glorified. 

We’ll also see a brother and sister get baptized and testify of God’s grace in their lives this Sunday. Praise God.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Grace and peace,