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“The Importance of Marriage”

Getting straight to the point, our text this Sunday is an important one. Malachi 2:10–16 is an indictment against Israel for profaning the covenant of marriage. The problem was twofold—some of God’s people were marrying pagans who worshiped false gods and others were faithless to their spouses and divorcing them. And then, they had the audacity to weep and whine to God for not hearing their prayers and accepting their offerings! 

This passage presents us the opportunity to consider not only Israel’s faithlessness but also our own. It also leads us to think deeply and humbly about the Bible’s view of marriage and why it is so important to God and the well-being of his people. This is also a chance for us to consider both the truth and grace of God and his ways.

I know many in our church have been deeply stung by divorce—some as victim, others as perpetrator. Would you pray with me for this Sunday and our time in Malachi 2:10–16? Pray that God would heal wounds of those devastated by a faithless spouse. Pray he would restore souls plagued by guilt and shame. Pray he would rescue marriages that are on the brink of destruction. Pray we would all look to Christ, the heavenly Bridegroom, who has promised to always be faithful to us even though we are often faithless to him. 

I love you, CrossPointe!

Grace and peace,