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“Robbing God”

Let’s just put it out there: Some Christians have an allergic reaction to sermons about giving. And if you’ve ever sat through a manipulative building-campaign plea or tuned in to a prosperity preacher, you can understand why!

Well, our text this week is kind of about money and giving, but really it’s about our hearts. In Malachi 3:6–12, God rebukes Israel for their stinginess because they were hoarding their possessions and not honoring God with their tithes. As a result, their crops were failing and the people were miserable. 

But after rebuking them, God challenges the people. He tells them to test him and see how he will bless them if they would unclench their death grip on their stuff and trust his goodness. 

So how does this apply to us? Does God promise to bless us if we tithe? Are Christians obligated to tithe in the New Testament? What does God expect of us regarding giving? These are the questions we’ll consider as we look at Malachi 3:6–12 this Sunday.

Finally, we’ll be praying for and commissioning Logan and Molly Copley as they prepare to depart for ministry in Serbia this upcoming week. Praise God for this dear couple, their gifts, and their willingness to go! 

See you Sunday!