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“Show No Partiality”

I’m really looking forward to digging into James 2:1–13 with you this week. It’s a convicting but sculpting passage. Although the truth in it might sting, it can also shape the life and culture of a local church. That’s how the Word works—it breaks us down to build us up.
The issue at hand is partiality. James tells us not to fawn over the rich person and brush off the poor person. On the surface, this seems clear enough. Don’t play favorites for personal gain. Love everyone, no matter their circumstance or background. But James doesn’t just give us the command; he goes deeper and bolsters it with reasons why we should love our neighbor as ourselves. This Sunday I hope to explain and expound on those reasons so that we as a local church might be molded more into the image of Christ.
Looking forward to seeing you all!
Grace and peace,