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“The Tongue Is a Fire”

At the end of chapter one, James briefly mentioned the importance of controlling our tongues. Now here in James 3:1–12, he goes all in. These verses are packed with vivid illustrations which James uses to impress upon us just how powerful our tongues are. It’s a small muscle in our mouths, but it can set a life or a family or a church ablaze—for either good or bad. Let’s roll up our sleeves and work through this passage and ask the Lord to help us be people who are marked by gracious and controlled tongues.

Beloved, I hope we’ll see that what’s at stake here is not merely the personal discipline of our speech, as important as that is. More than that, as God’s image-bearers and ambassadors we have been called out of darkness and into his marvelous light so that we might proclaim his grace to all peoples. From our new hearts, we are to speak words of life into a dying world. How critical it is, therefore, that we be people whose tongues are like fresh water to a thirsty land.

I am thankful for you, CrossPointe!

See you Sunday,