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“Our Jealous God”

I was thoroughly blessed by Tyler’s message last Sunday on Jonah. If you missed it, be sure to listen to or watch it here
This Sunday we pick back up in James 4 with a look at verses 1–6. The issue at hand is the fractured relationships that result from selfishness and sinful passions. James lowers the boom and tells us the real problem is our spiritual adultery. He warns us that friendship with the world makes us enemies of God. That’s strong language! What follows in the next two verses are some of the most striking and poignant words in the letter. He says that God “yearns jealously” over his people. He will not play second chair. He demands preeminence. And yet, he gives more grace to the humble. 
These verses tell us a great deal about sanctification and living the Christian life. Let’s dig in together this Sunday. Chew on this text beforehand. Read it. Ask questions. Pray through it. Come ready to lean forward together. 
Looking forward to Sunday,